Want Redheaded Sperm? Think Again!

The world’s largest sperm bank is no longer taking sperm from redheads, saying that there is no demand for them. But redheaded men aren’t sitting back and taking it, like my experience with them mostly has been. Instead, they are saying their sperm is just as good as anyones, says a new CNN opinion article, by none-other than a ginger.

My first boyfriend was a ginger, and once we had a very interesting conversation that went down to his inner pride of being a ginger. I somewhat identified due to my own self-pride of being left handed.

Apparently redheaded children are believed to be more problematic, like little devils, with anger issues. Ironic, I think, considering how everything went down with the Joker. With all that aside, I thought I’d look up my favorite five facts about redheads and let you make you own conclusions.

FIVE: Aristotle was known to believe that redheads were emotionally un-housebroken.
FOUR: In Greek Mythology, redheads turn into Vampires when they die.
THREE: Red haired children have been historically branded as offspring of “unclean” sex. This has earned them taunts such as “red-knob” or “tampon tops.”
TWO: Eves’ red hair is seen as the stain of sin like the original scarlet letter. Later her son, Cain, will bare the red hair and also a fall from grace.
ONE: Folklore in Liverpool states that meeting a redhead at the beginning of a journey is a terrible luck and bad omen. If you came upon one while still on dock or aboard the ship, you are smart to return home.

There were my top five, but you can check out the whole list right here.  

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