The Real Shame With Arizona’s Mob Boss

Maricopa County, Arizona remains the dumb county that continues to elect Sheriff Joe Arpaio. There are many reasons why I do not like him, but considering that he has attempted to take down various politicians and reporters I know, the less I so-called “hate speech” against him, the better, and safer, for me.
For today’s post, I want to focus on the “Child Support Wall of Shame” that Joe has on his website. Now, Joe has done many crazy things, from making inmates wear pink underwear to putting together chain gangs to clean up in neighborhoods where he wants to make his presence known politically (why else would he put up an enormous sign stating that the his chain gang is around the corner, picking up trash, especially when most of the poor schmucks picking up trash are their for a DUI, not dangerous warning-needing offenses). My real pet-peeve lays in this wall of shame, where he publishes names and information about people behind on child support.
I don’t like this mostly because I do not agree with child support in general. To me, I think it is unbalanced, unfair, and is creating a stereotypical norm that our society must not adhere to.
For starters, men generally pay more in child support cases. Even men who might make less than their presumably ex-wife generally pay more in monetary support for their children. This is incredibly sexiest in two very different ways.
First, womyn are more than capable of caring for their children without the support of their baby daddy. Certainly, the extra monetary support is helpful, especially in this economic mess, but if they are old enough to decide to have children, then they must prove they are by being responsible with their money. To say that they need a man’s support in any way is offensive at best, sexist at worst. Any womyn who demands child support is cutting themselves short, catering to the societal expectations that they cannot earn as much as their male counterpart. They can. They just have to work (and sometimes harder) for it. It’s not fair. It’s life. Equality demands work, for all parties involved. Get over it.
Beyond the simple notion that womyn shouldn’t need child support, men should be expected to contribute to the upbringing of their children much further than any check can provide. By demanding money from men, the expectations from them becomes limited. Fathers don’t need to see Johnny because they paid for Johnny. That’s pretty messed up. The same expectation that women can afford to pay for their children should be applied to men, especially in the non-monetary sense. Certainly, many men can afford to pay for their kids, and do, without contributing to said child’s upbringing beyond that. That’s a problem for me because, quite simply if womyn are going to be expected to raise children, so are men. If men are responsible enough to knock someone up, they can certainly be responsible enough to be more than just dollars and cents to their child. They should be just as expected to raise their children as any mother is. Let’s face it, men can be parents too.
With all this said, I guess my biggest problem with child support is this: children aren’t property. In divorces, they are often split up by percentages, and numbers, dates, symbols on paper. But they are so much more than that. No one should be able to say how much a child is worth per month, because any figure will be more than a dollar short, and that’s the real shame – nothing “America’s Toughest Sheriff” (or, in my humble opinion, Arizona’s mob boss) does now or ever can illustrate that.

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