Dick Cheney’s Love of Gays A Family Issue

Former Vice President Dick Cheney recently went on the view promoting his new book. While on the show with his wife, he state that he has “no problem” with gay marriage, and believes that “Freedom means freedom for everybody.” Check out the article here.
Certainly, this surprised many, who remember the Vice President under President Bush’s administration, the same administration who pushed hard to ban same-sex marriage via a constitutional amendment. But for Vice President Cheney, the issue is a little more personal. His daughter is gay.
During the 2004 debate, Senator John Kerry was heavily criticized for bringing up that fact when asked if he believed being gay was a choice. For Kerry, it wasn’t. Bush said he wasn’t sure. Cheney said nothing.
The reality is, when it comes to a person’s family, it’s different. You can’t break family. President Cheney, as far as I can remember, said nothing regarding Kerry’s so-called “attack” — he didn’t say anything when there was a vote asking for a federal amendment banning gay marriage. But as he attempts to drive-up sales for his new book, Cheney is speaking out, in favor of gay marriage.
His maverick opinion of gay marriage certainly doesn’t fit into his conservative ideology, but when it’s as personal as your own child, can you really blame him? Vice President Cheney’s opinion on gay marriage illustrates the reality that the gay community has been saying for quite some time: come out! By coming out, Cheney’s daughter was able to change the many, including one of the most politically influential people in the world. Imagine if no one lived in the closet.

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