Governor Perry Looks Like A Ladies Man

Michele Bachmann slammed Rick Perry at the recent Republican presidential nominee debate regarding the issue of HPV vaccinations. 
She then gave an interview to the Washington Times, where she goes on to say that some woman came crying to her, stating that her child suffered from mental retardation after getting the vaccination. Bachmann demanded that Governor Rick Perry explain why he required young girls as young as nine to get the possibly life-saving vaccination that is surrounded by a great deal of controversy. She says Perry is wrong on this issue.
But the reality is, no one has reported developing mental retardation due to the HPV vaccination. Bachmann is wrong about that. She is also wrong about this issue alone. Certainly, Governor Perry has some explaining to do to his tea party supporters, and certainly Bachmann made a sound attempt at winning back some of the support that he has stolen from her, but Perry isn’t wrong on this issue. Getting the HPV vaccination is a smart health call. In fact, research indicates that not only women should get it. Men should too. But in hopes of saving money, the insurance companies made the issue morally-political, suggesting that getting this vaccination to a potentially deadly virus would also enable young women to be more “sexually active.”
Suggesting this as fact, is offensive to young women, everywhere. Getting this vaccination is smart to do for medical reasons, not because young women everywhere are sluts. Ironically, those same people who make the argument against this vaccination, also argue against providing free birth control to young men and women, claiming it makes people more slutty. To think that young women are slutty and not provide them with proper medical supplies to prevent unwanted pregnancy (making less abortions, by the way, thus at debate could be nearly solved), stop the spread of STD’s and HIV, alongside possibly dozens of other medical conditions is simply immoral. To have no care for young women (and men, for that matter, since men and women often engage in sexual relationships — from what I hear) is simply not what this country is founded on.
Governor Rick Perry should stand up against Bachmann on the issue of this vaccination. He looks like a ladies man.

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