HRC’s President Will Be Missed

The nation’s largest political active gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender group, the Human Rights Campaign, announced that it’s current President, Joe Solmonese, will be departing in early 2012. His departure, is, noble. Though I am sad that he is leaving the organization I have excessively volunteered for, I respect anyone who goes out on top. 
That move is what every politician, everywhere, should do. Joe is a nice guy. I have had a no-so-secret crush on him since I met him in 2006. His departure marks that he is going out on top, because political gay politics has never been in a more seriously good political place.
In New York, they recently passed gay marriage, and this gay boy loves it. Living in a political liberal state is refreshing after being in the wild west that is Arizona. Because of the simple fact that I met Joe while in Arizona, means a lot. He was there in 2006, when Arizona became the first, and currently only state, ever to vote down a same-sex marriage ban. He listened to the smart folks, like Kyrsten Sinema, who attempt to be a voice of reason. Joe listened so well, that Arizona did the historic, unlikely thing. 
Joe’s leadership has elected a new President, kept gay marriage out of the federal Constitution, demanded equal rights for all members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual -and- transgender group in the workplace, repealed the offensive Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy — and passed gay marriage in Iowa, New York, and so on.
Joe is the man, in my eyes. His beautiful eyes make his departure even more heartfelt, but I am excited to see what else he does for himself, and this community.

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