Why Polls Lie

A recent CNN poll indicates that Rick Perry is leading the Presidential race. With so many polls out there, not to mention countless media outlets, this shouldn’t be news to, basically, anyone. But when was the last time you were called by any of these pollsters? Yes, I said the forgotten word “called” right there. If you’re like me, you likely own a cell phone in lieu of a land-line and are never polled by political pollsters. You text more than you call. You’re phone is your gateway to the internet, where you play games, check movie listings, figure out where you’re going, and so on. But it’s not where pollsters call , ever. Never has my voice, much less anyone I know, been added to the political process in way of a poll. One of the great catastrophes in politics is that my generation’s voice is missing completely from the political process.

Poll after poll indicates Perry could beat President Obama, but I simply cannot name one person who I know who would vote for him. That said, it’s obvious that my generation votes (we voted in record numbers during the 2008 Presidential election), are political minded, and want, more than anything, good things for the United States.

But if the votes are there, you would think that my generation would have some say what bills are being debated, if not have some voice in the way politicians are are conducting themselves. But we don’t. We simply don’t own landlines. In a country where there are more independents and Democrats registered to vote than there are Republicans, I have to wonder, how on earth a Bush-look/act-alike could be treading so well in polls?

As long as polls continue to forget to call those with only cell phones, regardless of their reason (they say they can’t get the numbers, but we all know that if they wanted them so badly, they would have already), polls will speak with less and less authority.

Every poll, no matter how close the margin of error might be, regardless of those they called who identified as “Democrat” is leaving out those who are available in almost any mean possible, from email, to Facebook, to twitter, and even text, except land line.

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