Up Next — (Too Excited To Keep My Big Mouth Shut)

There is lots going on here on iREADray — and I am so excited, I can’t keep my little — err, big fat — mouth shut. Since the point of this blog is far more personal than the business end of it, I am shoving the thought of a “standard” press release in the trash and doing it right here, first, where my readers, lovers far and near can get as excited as I am.

First is my upcoming album under my entertainment name. “BIG GAY SUPERSTAR” by Anthony Ray is nearing completion, and is due out for online download around Thanksgiving, and copies should be available before Christmas. The first single was released YouTube, is titled Get Hott. It’s awesomely bad. The entire CD is a sarcastic mockery of pop music. Those who know me, even those who don’t, know that I love Britney Spears, and much of the CD is inspired from a livelong dream I have to become Britney Spears with a penis. I wrote about this a while back, catch it here:“Oh My God… I mean Britney Spears.”

i am man, hear me roar
This is my first novel (okay, I lied, it’s the first one I am willing to let anyone read) where the main character goes into the darker parts of society in rebellion against his former self. I am intentionally holding off on giving away too many details about this book, as I am very excited about it, and am still working on what the publicity of the publication of this novel will look like. Should be out, in electronic version at least, by Christmas, or the first of year. 

I Am No Poet
This is my collection of poetry, short stories, and specifically chosen editorials, and essays. I am very excited about flexing my more literary side.This should be out around Valentines day next year. though it might come out sooner, depending how the marketing looks for my novel.

Other Projects Under iREADray
(these projects may or may not come to see the light of day) 

On the literary end, I am currently in search of an artist for a children’s book I am putting together, though I might attempt to do it myself. Putting my artistic skills to test, might be a fun challenge. I would like to have this out by November, but luckily the book end of it is already completed.

I am currently looking into launching a YouTube show. Well, actually, looking into launching two of them. One would be a cartoon mock reality show titled Exes, where exes are brought together to live in a house with their current spouses. They would complete projects together each episode. I have been working with a script for the pilot episode, and am looking into the shows overall arc of the show, what a season would look like and so on. Producing, writing, and likely illustrating a show is a huge project that I might not be willing to take on, just yet (but who I am kidding, I love it!) The other show I am going to be doing, likely before Spring of 2012, is titled something along the lines of: “Getting On With Ray” where I would be putting a voice and video to various topics in the news. This would be leading into the election of 2012. And will be set up in a similar fashion to the iREADray blog. This one has more definite plans and outlines, and I am just waiting for the election season to get closer.

There was some talk of coming out with clothes, such as underwear for fans of “BIG GAY SUPERSTAR” but I am not sure I am ready to have my face plastered on everyone’s butt. Though, as one friend pointed out, enough people have told me to kiss their ass, it would be my style to put my lips on everyone’s butt, near and far, especially since my next single from the album is titled “Kiss.”

Thank you all for the continued support here on iREADray.com and more importantly me. I am very excited for these fun projects. ❤ 

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