Romney Wants Perry Too Badly To Slap Him

A recent Slate magazine article says that Governor Rick Perry is former Governor Mitt Romney’s biggest problem. The article argues that even though Romney has a 59-point plan to take on the economy, he doesn’t have one to take on his biggest rival.

I have read quite a bit on the rise of the tea the party, and how much influence they might have on the election. Some Democrats are pleased that the electorate is somewhat divided, but not me. Instead, I think the rise of the so-called tea party could be President Obama’s biggest problem.

Before the 2008 election, President Obama and Secretary Clinton had one of the closest primaries in American history. The close election ignited the Democratic base, and brought out voters who wanted to ensure that the first black man was elected to office.

But times are different. It’s the Republican’s turn to ignite their voters. Though many think that Romney should be attacking Perry on various issues, I suspect that Romney is holding back for one brilliant reason: a Romney-Perry ticket. Many view Perry as unelectable, because of his hardcore moral believes, which some view as Romney’s biggest weakness. Reminds me of President Obama’s experience, especially regarding national security. Vice President Joe Biden helped to seal the deal for the President.

Certainly, there is room to debate whether Romney can defeat Perry in the primary. After running for office myself, there is one thing I know for certain: money matters, and when it comes to this election Romney currently has the most.

If the Republicans truly want to take back the White House, having someone who can win both the blue collar states (Romney) and having a Vice President nominee who can win the south, and bring out the far right conservatives who weren’t too sold on Senator McCain in 2008, might be the ticket the GOP needs… and frankly, might even be what this country needs.

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