Dressing the Part

If you’re a hot, young man or woman, you are more likely to be successful professionally, argues Catherine Hakim, a professor of sociology at the London School of Economics. In a recent Slate article, the new author discusses her view that men and women should cash in on their sexual capital, in order to be successful.The book, titled “Erotic Capital: The Power of Attraction in the Boardroom and Bedroom”  raises an interesting question in a hard economy.

Just the other day, I was trying on this new shirt I got. Here I was, in these awesome slim fitting khakis, in this navy blue button up shirt, and in with my reflection I had a conversation, it went similar to this:

“There you are.”
“Sup? You’re looking fine.”
“Yeah, I am.” Smile.

I realized what I liked most about this outfit was that I appeared sexy and professional. Felt like my old self. Having worked in a library for six years, it’s fair to say that I too used some form of sex appeal in my job.

The  musky cologne, freshly polished dress shoes, appropriately matched tie, and tightly fitting dress shirts certainly made me feel sexy, and according to my reflection, look sexy as well. Certainly, I sound cocky here, but the reality is, you have to wonder how much I cashed in on my sex appeal?

Am I among those who are successful career wise when we dress the part of success. Looking back at my career, I just might be.

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