It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, No, It’s A Super Committee

One thing the Democrats and Republicans agreed on during the failed debt ceiling increase debate was the creation of a so-called “Super Committee,” made up of 12 members from Congress (6 Republicans and 6 Democrats) who have until Nov 23rd to find 1.5 trillion dollars in savings, over the next ten years.

While CNN is discussing who is on the Super Committee, this new group of politicians still hasn’t met, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t getting started to find savings. They are doing one thing: creating a website asking for the public’s input on where to find savings.

Many thoughts pass through my head regarding this “Super Committee” — first is the fact that no where in the Constitution, you know that little thing, does it say that a “Super Committee” can exist. No where does it say that a small group of elected officials might have the power to propose legislation and that said legislation cannot have amendments made on it by the larger body of Congress.

Looking beyond the very real possibility that this so-called “Super Committee” is unconstitutional, and never mind that this 12 group panel won’t be practicing democracy (they are super, after all), and never mind that the 12 group panel does not include a person from every state, therefore not everyone’s voice will be heard, my real problem with this group goes deeper than that.

You see, to me, creating a group of people who are supposed to find savings in a budget that has already been cut by nearly a billion dollars, seems, well stupid. Especially since they are creating a website to insight the public’s input. Why, on earth, are the American people, who are already paying for the salaries of our Congressmen and women to do the job they aren’t doing, paying for a website. We don’t want more websites. We don’t want more budget talks. We want cuts made.

The Super Committee shows us just how broken the American government is. Our own Congress is unable to agree on what cuts to make, so instead they have pushed the job off on a group of 12 (that way Congress at large cannot be blamed for any of these cuts). I’ve always heard that in order to make money, you must spend money…but I’ve never heard that in order to save money, you must spend money, and that’s exactly what this so-called “Super Committee” is doing: spending my, and your, tax dollars.


  1. I think that a website collecting the public's ideas is a great way to include people, but I'm certain it won't be designed well and will over-all be a waste of money.

  2. maybe this is the best way to deal with it, the group has been given no powers outside of outlining and coming out with a proposal, and i believe that although the publics voice isn't extremely present, maybe that is exactly what we need. it seems to me as if the general public made their choice when they elected officals that couldn't get the job done themselves. maybe by expirencing this one injustice, they will learn to elect their represenitives with more care?

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