Reflecting On A Hard Anniversary

A year ago, today, I was punched in the face by someone I loved. Now, I know I’ve written plenty about the Joker on here. I once called love the best and worst thing and I detailed the event, but today has got me in a true state of reflection.

Reflecting, I must say, that today I am not sad or angry about the events that went down with the Joker, and later almost repeated with Kfed, instead, I’m invigorated. You see, I have been angry and spent months depressed about how my love life has gone. But, the reality is, it ain’t over yet, and I know this — I truly believe this. There was a time when that wasn’t the case, but inside I have found that strength I have come so accustomed to hiding.

Yes, I still think about the Joker and Kfed more than I care to admit, but I will admit, I knew then, even in that discombobulated state that love left me in, that neither of them were right for me. Each of them, though, had good qualities that I saw, and take with me. Qualities that I carry with me.

Kfed and I tried to explain things in songs, so for today’s post, I’ll end with a little help from U2: “I have spoke with the tongue of angels, I have held the hand of a devil, it was warm in the night, I was cold as a stone. But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”


  1. only by being fully and completely in love and in tune with yourself, will you be able to realize what it is that completes you, what it is you need, only by realizing that love is never wasted, and that you gain far more than you lose when you love, can you be led to the right one.

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