Twitter Explained That I was Experiencing an Earthquake

Here I am, sitting in my room, doing some research for the upcoming blog(s) and working on my book, only to feel the bed I am sitting on start shifting. Crazy, I thought. Thinking its the wind, I disregard it. Then it started shaking a little bit more, and I noticed that the CD tower in the room here is also shaking.

Now, I know that’s not supposed to happen. Being stone sober, I know it can’t be because I drank too much, but still, having never experienced an earthquake, I disregarded the bizarre shaking. I then logged on to Twitter to see if anyone had responded to a tweet of mine, only to see that the New York times was reporting that New York was feeling the earthquake in Washington D.C.

Ahh, now that explains it. Having grown up in Arizona, I never witnessed things like earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes, but since I moved out here in early July, I have witnessed my first earthquake, am expecting some storms from hurricane Irene, and already been around for more than one tornado warning. I guess I got the change I was looking for. 

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