USA’s Internet Use Gives China the Lead

When it comes to competing for global dominance, China is expected to take the lead over the United States just as soon as they open their economy.And a recent CNN report, illustrates why China will beat the United States, so long as Americans continue to use the internet.

The report shows that, though not first in the list of who uses the internet, the United States has a significant lead over China. Of our 300 million people, over seventy-eight percent use the internet. China only has a mere thirty-six percent.

Of course, China, restricts and censors what people can view, and supposedly there are some 30,000 police dedicated to restricting such internet freedoms that the United States enjoys.

This serves as a problem to the United States. Because while the internet is useful for many things, like keeping up with your favorite blogger, it’s drastically changing the scope of our population, making up news at best, often with nothing to back it up. Information is often false. We all know of popular sites like Wikipedia, we have all Googled the news articles and information pages, but in terms of real information, we all know that it’s crap, at best. I even said so, months ago, right here on

China’s restrictions on the internet is smart. Their restrictions are building a community with the so-called “right” information. China’s restrictions forces the intellects to look for the right information by doing something call research. Allowing for internet freedoms in the United States, makes it easy for us to simply Google whatever information we need, hoping it is in fact information. Our only hope would be to put real restrictions on the online world, but restricting the internet would be, well, un-American. 


  1. Well that's an interesting stance to take. The Chinese government does not just censor the false or useless parts of the internet though. They censor anything that threatens their control or power over their people. Just check out the list at . That type of censorship will only hold them back. Access to databases of information, regardless of its source or accuracy, is something that will propel society forward, and until it's illegal to lie in public, sites like Wikipedia have to be double checked when the information needs to be reliable. Usually it only takes a couple extra seconds at Google.

  2. I tend to agree with Spencer. Yes, the quality of information has become seriously degraded, but that doesn't mean that China is somehow superior by restricting the freedom of information. China's model has its citizens seeing a single point of view — that of the state. It doesn't mean that Chinese citizens are somehow smarter, or take initiative. It's like living in a country where your only source of information is Fox News… and you can't even go to university to research Journal Articles to get real information, because that, too, is censored. Yes, there are definitely problems with the instant on, NOW society, in that real information — the slow kind — is largely ignored because it feels outdated by the time it arrives.. but having a single entity control what sorts of information you have access to is downright dangerous.

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