Gays Only Hope In Fulfilling Agenda is Electing One of Their Own

The GOP is starting to run into problems with their stand on gays. Everything on our famous gay agenda from gay marriage, to serving openly in the military, to not being murdered in Uganda, has left various Republican “leaders” speechless, if not completely dumbfounded.

Recently, on Anderson Cooper, possible GOP Presidential frontrunner, Michele Bachmann was called out on her attempts in dodging the big gay questions. In her past, Bachmann has been fiercely anti-gay, but now, with polls illustrating over fifty percent of Americans support gay marriage, and over sixty percent support the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

As she dodged the questions, yet again, Jon Stewart and one of my favorite sex columnists Dan Savage are calling her husband gay. Left speechless on the gay issues, Bachmann’s non-response, however, doesn’t mean she has a bit of respect for the gays. Instead, ties to her staffers supporting Urganda’s plan to kill gays, as Think Progress reports.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget that former, failed Senate candidate/witch Christine O’Donnell just walked off set of Piers Morgan Tonight’s set because she was “rudely” and “irrelevantly” asked about her views on gay marriage while she was touting her book about what she thinks about public issues, like things gay marriage.

By saying nothing, the GOP is attempting to do what the Democrats have been doing, saying nothing about the gay issues, and hoping to gain some gay support. In 2008 President Obama took a majority of the gay votes, but with the GOP attempting to say nothing about our agenda items, they are acting just like the Democrats. Washington’s Blade recognizes that with the Democrats unwilling to openly support homo’s, and the Republican’s attempting to not openly attack them, some are left wondering, who is leading the gays.

It’s certainly not Texas Governor Rick Perry, who plans to address a group of “ex-gays” (insert your own gay orgy joke about that one here), maybe our hope, barely, rests in electing one of our own, Mr. Fred Kargar, a Republican, who is running for President, with no hopes to win.

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