Sick and Wrong: The Breast Milk Baby

There is this debate going on as to whether this Breast Milk Baby (that is a doll that teaches young women, as in kids under the age of six, how to breast feed) is healthy for young women. Some parents are up in arms, claiming that this doll is bad, others are claiming the opposite, saying it will teach young women their motherly responsibilities.

The fact there is any sort of debate going on is pretty damn sad.

This toy, manufactured in Spain, is set to begin sales in the United States, after it debuts this breast-feeding toy in Las Vegas on Monday. CNN reports that the doll is already available online, and is available in six different races and genders, and includes a halter-top for easy access to the lactating breasts.

Any debate as to whether this toy is “good” for children is, as I’ve said, sad. Morally, shouldn’t we be concerned that children are not being given enough time to be children. This doll places unnecessary expectations on young women, who already have it pretty rough.

Already, parents aren’t in the picture enough. Halter top wearing singers get criticized for being blatantly over-sexual, and here we are trying to give young women a toy with milk leaking out of it’s tit. Young women, who already have to deal with being pieces of meat for young men, will get the pleasure of being viewed as objects, similar to cows, used for simply milking purposes.

The idea to teach women motherly skills, is flawed. There are skills, like how to use a computer or drive a car that are taught. Then there are skills that are naturally and instinctively built into us. We are humans, yes, but let us not forget that we are also animals. We have instincts, and mothers have for hundreds or thousands or millions of years been able to figure out how to feed their children without a doll that has milk coming out of the breast.

The only benefit I see this doll having is for people like one of my exes, the Joker, who I talked about in an old blog of mine, had a breast and lactation fetish. Simply: this doll could be used for people like him, for purposes of sex, not young women who are already growing up far too fast. 

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  1. Thats not exactly how the doll works. The kid wears the halter which has fake nipples that the doll suckles from.

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