DOMA Is Tearing Couples Apart

A couple married in Massachusetts are about to be torn apart, because while Congress has been arguing/playing chicken/acting like toddlers over raising the debt ceiling, they have failed to do something that is both politically and morally right — repealing the Defense of Marriage Act.

Passed in 1996 by former President Clinton, and the GOP Congress he had to put up with, DOMA basically says that the federal government, as well as any other state does not have recognize another state’s marriage. However, states do. In fact, all states recognize all marriages preformed for heterosexuals. So does the federal government.

What they do not recognize are the gay ones.

A recent article in the S.F. Gate tells us the story of Bradford Wells and Anthony John Makk. Bradford is a United States citizen, while his husband is from Australia. Bradford and Anthony have been married for seven years, together for nineteen, and though they are legally married, because of DOMA, and the federal governments non-action, Anthony is about to be deported. N

Now Bradford is like any husband, he wants to keep his partner in the United States. Wouldn’t you? But for Bradford, it is critical that his spouse be able to stay, as Anthony is his primary caregiver to his HIV positive husband.

Unsure of what to do Bradford and Anthony pleaded with Immigration Services, but the agency turned them down, stating that Anthony is not eligible for a spousal petition because, in the federal governments eyes, they aren’t married. Instead, DOMA says that only one man and one woman can get married.

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have already said they disagree with the unconstitutional  Defense of Marriage Act. They have said they won’t defend it in court. But they haven’t repealed it. Congress hasn’t repealed it, and until it is repealed, marriage will never be sacred.

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