Giffords Reminds Us Not to Give Up

Today, I am proud to be Arizona born and raised. Yesterday, in fact late last night, Representative Gabby Giffords returned to Washington D.C. to cast her vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling. Giffords, who was near fatally shot in the head January, hasn’t been back to Washington since the incident. But her return marks one clear example of the Grand Canyon state’s pride and determination to never give up.

Just last month, an op/ed piece by CNN was calling for her resignation because she hadn’t been out to Washington to vote. You can check it out here. They wanted her to give up.

But she didn’t. Instead, she fought. Instead, she worked hard. Instead, she demonstrated a clear example of the values I grew up with in Arizona: to never give up.

Her return is being called the missing key to unite the broken Congress.

Her camp is saying that voting on the debt ceiling is probably the most important piece of legislation they will vote on this session, and that it was her responsibility to make sure the eighth district in Arizona is represented, that their voice is heard.

My best friend lives in that very district, and thanks to Giffords’ and her unrelenting drive to do her job, his voice was heard loud and clear.

Congress maybe broken, but not all Congressmen and Congresswomen are. Congresswoman Gabby Giffords proved that

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