President Obama Needs the Guts to Be President

When President Obama was running for office, he had something called guts. Where, oh where have they gone?

One thing I do respect of the President is that he is constantly calling for a balance of powers. Under President Bush, the Executive Branch of our government was vastly over extending its political powers, giving then-Vice President Cheney something to do, and in my eyes, abused the office of the President.

I understand as the debt ceiling increase debate goes on, that the President wants to do everything in his power to get Congress to pass a bipartisan bill to literally save the world economy, let alone the one right here in the United States. But that notion appears to have failed, the Republican’s in the House are, as my little sister put it, “playing chicken with our money.” And they are. Because of this, it’s time for President Obama to show his muscle, and be the President we thought we elected.

President Obama has balls. We know this. We saw them during the 2008 election. For instance, when Senator McCain wanted to put the Presidential election on hold, the Obama camp said: No thanks. They said that if you want to become President, you have to multitask.

That took guts, and we need that man back.

If the President does not see a bill that he can agree on, and I’m not talking abut the failed attempts by Speaker Boehner to offer a measly six month deal, then the President needs to, by all means, grow a pair.

Under the Constitution, if the President needs to break the law and do something against the will of the Congress, then he must. He is required to by the Constitution. This check on our government was put into the Constitution because of instances like this. Congress is hardly passing anything, wasting our tax payer dollars by arguing non-stop, and reminds me of summertime school kids playing with paintball guns. The President can and must raise the debt ceiling with or without the Congresses support.

He needs the guts to do so. 

But instead, he will do things like put his re-election campaign on hold, like he just did, by cancelling two fundraisers, because he can’t multitask, while the so-called “debate” stalls.

President Obama, grow a pair. We elected someone with the guts to do the many jobs of being President, not the the Arizona Senator with the dumb sidekick. 

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