Playing Chicken With Our Money

Never before on this blog have we posted something someone else has written, with the exception being something by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. However, my little sister wrote this and I haven’t been following this current budget crisis, so I thought I’d include this.

Hello everyone I am speaking out to you right now to write to your republican congressmen and tell them we have had enough. I’m not sure if everyone knows about our current crisis but America is in a very tough spot right now with our budget. Currently America borrows $0.42 for every dollar we have from other countries and us through bonds and loans. On Aug 7th if we don’t pay back some of that money we will default on our loans causing a economic crisis. House Members in Congress are trying to decide on a way to pay back these loans but the republicans refuse to compromise with the democrats in any way.

They are playing chicken with our money.

There was a compromise where most democratic and republican political analysists agreed that the democrats were giving much more than the republicans were. They agreed to cut 3 trillion in spending and increase taxes by 800 billion. Obama then wanted to raise the tax increases by 400 billion (so little compared to the spending cuts) and now Republicans are refusing to negotiate. Again, They are playing chicken with our money. The only way republicans will decide on anything (if we decide on nothing we will default) is if they get it only their way.

So at last I tell you to write to your republican congressmen and tell them they will not have our support if they keep acting this way. All of you whether you vote or not this is huge and I guarantee it will affect the US for a long time and it will affect you personally as well. Here is a directory of the congressmen of the US. PLEASE write to them… EVERYONE

By: Amanda Susan Hansen

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Contact for your specific congressman:

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