I once asked you to hit me, baby, one more3 time, because you drove me crazy and I thought I was born to make you happy. Then I thought I did it again, opps, with him, it was always up and down; but you both were trouble for me. Baby, your toxic, every time. Today, I am stronger; that’s my prerogative, so why should I be sad? Instead, I’m a brave new girl, no longer a slave for you. Sorry, baby, you’re just not on my radar. Please, ask yourself, do you want a piece of me? You’re a womanizer of sorts, but all that we had is gone, like shattered glass. I found my heaven on earth inside me, I don’t need nor want you, you toy soilder. A circus is what your life is like. I am drop dead beautiful without you, and sure I might sound selfish, but that’s just how I roll. I go where I wanna go, do what I wanna do, because I am hot as ice. And you know what, that’s how it’s going t obe from now until the world ends…considering that you’re the criminal, into the S&M parties, and discovering the power of three, can you really hold it, any of it, against me?

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