Glenn Beck is My Least Favorite Hero

Tomorrow will mark Glenn Beck’s last day with Fox News.  
As a liberal I am expected to hate, despise, discourage, and frown on this man, who many argue says a whole lot of nothing to make headlines. Similar to Sarah Palin.
 He is leaving fox for a few reasons, publicly not enough people are watching his show, just a mere two to three million people. Then there’s the tension between between Glenn Beck and his boss, Mr. Roger Ailes. I have invited to a few parties to celebrate Beck’s dissent from public television. But I’ve declined them all.
Through the years, I have watched and listened to Beck make all sorts of public comments that both offend and passionately enrage me. He is part of the reason I even put together the iREADray blog and why I have become so passionate about adding my little old comments to the world.
And though Beck has done much to offend, and often I wonder if he even thinks, I have no reason to celebrate him leaving the airwaves, because of one very simple reason: he has made his career upholding one of my the most basic and vital pieces to the Constitution – he has used his right to free speech, and used it well.
Many are suggesting that Glenn Beck will no longer have a career because he won’t be on the airwaves. This is false. Beck has made a career for himself utilizing the first amendment. Just because he no longer has a show to do this, doesn’t mean he has to stop doing this. Instead, he will certainly find some other form of media to do exactly that.
Glenn Beck is certainly not my favorite person. His opinions scare me at times. His voice annoys me most of the time. But Glenn Beck is my hero, for being one hell of a patriot, and using his voice, for better or worse, and upholding the most basic of our fundamental rights. Let’s not forget the men and women who have died for that very right – the best way to honor them, is to utilize those rights they died for. Best of luck in your future Mr. Beck. Hope to hear from you soon.

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