Let’s Not Forgot the Party Of “NO” Won

I have been sitting here going through my columns and blogs I have written over the past couple of years to try and decide what ill be included in something I am not ready to announce, so we’ll just leave it at that. I found an old column of mine that mentioned the importance of passing health-care legislation that would ensure that the millions of Americans that needed health-care got it.
 This was years ago, when Michael Moore’s “Sicko” was popular – before President Obama was elected, before Nancy Pelosi was used a scapegoat for the Republican party to win elections. This was back in the good old days when we simply were complaining that what was needed was health-care reform. Long before we actually got health-care reform.
Looking back, those were the good old days. When we had hope that something that would better our nation would pass, something that could possibly help our nation would come to fruition Those days, we have something called hope.
But that hope is gone now.
Health-care reform has come and gone. Obamacare was what we got.  
And Obamacare sucks.
Back when I wrote that column I had health insurance and had shelled out hundreds of my own dollars for medication I needed.
Now, I have more than a hundred thousand dollars in medical bills, no joke, that may never get paid. I may never be able to buy a house. I certainly could use a new car, but that too is just a pipe dream, much like the American dream I once had.
President Obama was supposed to bring us healthcare that would truly benefit our nation. He was supposed to do the patriotic thing and ensure that every single American could stay alive, regardless of their class, creed, color, sexual orientation, gender, or disease.
And many want to point fingers and blame President Obama, and his antics for a failed healthcare reform, that really just ensures more Americans.
Many want to say he didn’t take charge, he didn’t make his huge campaign promise happen. And it’s true, in many ways he didn’t. He came to the table, ready to meet with Democrats and Republicans, with a moderate plan.
But the Republican’s weren’t stupid then, just as they aren’t stupid now. They weren’t about to give in to this big shot liberal President. They said no.
And they kept saying no.
So the Democrats took this moderate plan and inched it closer to the conservative side, the Republicans said no again.
So the Democrats kept going, further and further, until what was once a moderate plan became a conservative and all those promises that President Obama made were long gone.
President Obama: here’s a lesson to you. If you want to compromise with a plan, never start in the middle, start on the liberal end, and meet in the middle. The Republican’s beat him in this one, and all they had to do was say no.
With these upcoming elections, are we going to reelect a President who needs to be schooled on how to compromise, or are we going to elect a President who simply said no, until they got what they want. 
I don’t know.  

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