The MAFIA should have made New York’s Marriage Law Happen Decades Ago

In an attempts to shield me from potential family drama, my father used to refer to the M.A.F.I.A. as the Mother’s and Father’s Italian Association. Now, considering shows like Mob Wives exist, we know that the mother’s only played a vital role at home, while the men were out committing the crimes. My father didn’t let me watch various things like “The Soprano’s” or “The Godfather” trilogy, and though my old roommate Stephanie corrupted me and made me watch “The Soprano’s” (great show by the way, sad to see it go, but at least now it can be quoted in movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I can understand the humor, as before it went right over my head), I am always brought back to the notion of how involved organized crime is in, well, everything.

How is it related to the gay rights movement, and New York finally passing a marriage law the no longer discriminates? Well, in order for you to understand that, you need to dive into the history of the gay rights movement at large.
At the tail end of the civil rights movement, the gays got involved. In 1969 a MAFIA owned bar named the Stonewall Inn, generally paid the police to raid only once a week. This was standard back then, and considering what went down in the Stonewall Inn, a once a week raid seemed just. It kept the gays happy, the police happy, the MAFIA happy, who could ask for anything better, right?
Well, one week that year, the MAFIA decided not to pay the police. Their reasoning behind this I don’t know, remember I sheltered from the MAFIA insider secrets since I was a child, but because they had already been raided once, the gays that were enjoying themselves there didn’t expect the second raid in a week to go down, especially during one of the busiest nights they had.

So, when the police went in and started forcing the men who looked like women and the women who looked like men into the bathroom to tell them apart, the heat was on. The gays were fucking angry. They didn’t want police looking at their junk, and this was long before airport security and cell phone camera’s could recorded people saying “don’t touch my junk” – though I can assure you, many of them did.

The girls as guys, the guys as girls, all gay, all free loving people, decided in a split second to seal the doors, locking the police in, and started pelting them with the buckets of penny’s that was charged as cover to get in. The police couldn’t get out, attempted to crawl out the windows, and the next thing you know, the MAFIA’s failure to pay sparked the gay revolution. Gays from all over New York’s gay sections flocked to the area, and participated, and following that nights raid were protests, the first of their kind, with rainbow banners, drag queens, drag kings – the whole nine yards.
New York was responsible for the protests that continue to this day. The same concept of love and peace that came out after California’s so-called “marriage amendment” passed drew their idea’s and concepts right from this historical moment.
So, why is it over forty years have passed and yet New York is just now jumping in to allow us gays to get married. Do my MAFIA relatives not feel it necessary further this cause – use their dirty politicians to our advantage? Think of the money they could be making, especially if they were smart and got involved in the gay marriage planning industry at the same time.

New York shouldn’t be this far behind, they should have been the first, and the MAFIA, who is to blame for starting this revolution should have ensured that – but no, they were too busy making the easy money, instead of giving their Mob wives something to do other than drink, spend your money and make Baked Ziti.

the pictures included in this blog post were taken by Ray Ceo, Jr. 

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