For Crying Out Loud, We Have A Right to Bear Arms

I am a self described “liberal” – having worked on President Obama’s campaign, countless State Representative Democrat’s campaigns, a former campaign manager for a gay Latino running in Arizona’s most heavily Democrat populated district (prior to quitting when I realized what said candidates true intentions were), once was running for office against a Democrat incumbent in the Democratic primary, and not to mention working on the first and only campaign ever to defeat a so-called “marriage amendment” – it’s clear the my self description seems to head-on.

However, when it comes to gun rights, I often take a very different stand than those I have worked for and with – because I strongly feel that we have a Constitutional right to own a firearm. I believe this for one reason and one reason only – it says it right after our right to write commentary like this and voice our opinion in the single most historically important document in our nation’s history.

We have a right to bear arms, and I believe that right should be upheld, with as few restrictions as possible.

The reason it’s in our Constitution is because we have the right, if not obligation to overthrow our government if they ever become too powerful, too abusive of executive powers or too invasive of our rights as a people.
If our government can have nuclear weapons and droids (that are really just flying robots with bombs and guns attached to them) then for crying out loud, we have a right to bear arms. How are we expected to overthrow our government if we cannot physically do it.
In regards to this issue, let me point out I don’t own a firearm, do not want to own a firearm, and by law, due to my mental health I am not allowed to own a firearm. But we have a right to own firearms, not necessarily to protect ourselves from anyone but the government. Any restrictions on that right is a clear example of our government abusing our rights and their powers.

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