Speechless Brought to you by ASU

Not sure ever what to say anymore.
I’ve survived a heartbreak. An aggressive surgery. A near fatal infection. I’ve had to see more doctors than I know what to do with. Stab myself in the leg with antibiotics. Told I am going to die, then lived. Wanted to die, then lived. Attempted to die, then lived. Finally wanting to live, with hopes of finish my education, and told no. Yes, I am here, up a creek without a paddle.
I say this because the one thing that I was looking forward to, the light at the end of my tunnel, has been dimmed to be further down the long tunnel that I don’t really want to go down. I just wanted my education. No I can’t even get that.
See, last semester, while facing a variety of health problems, from mental to physical everything, I medically withdrew from Arizona State University. Well, prior to being able to sign up for classes this semester, I had to jump threw hoops to ensure that I can finish. Lots of paperwork basically. Mind you, I have one semester left. I am supposed to graduate on May 12th, but that’s not happening now.
In only the style that ASU can pull off, I have told I am not mentally stable enough to attend this upcoming semester. I am not entirely sure of their reasoning, but I’m sure it’s more bullshit I don’t need nor want in my life. I think anyone attempting to attend a university, especially this one, is on some level insane, but by their standards, I am just a bit too insane. Do I seem crazy to you?
And so, here I am, having turned down jobs across country, agreeing to live where I am for the time being, and now without the light I was looking forward to.
I am not sure what to say anymore. But being told I am too crazy to attend college, well, that’s a bit much for me. I am left speechless, thanks ASU.

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