Often Confused Rhetoric

Wrote this my first semester in my English 101 class. Thought It was pretty fitting. The assignment was to describe ourselves. This was written almost four years ago, but I like it, quite a bit in fact. I’m made editorial remarks in bolded parenthesis after some of the statements, but yeah, liked this and thought I’d share…enjoy, or not, don’t really give a damn……………………

I have found that in college I am often asked to explain who I am to others. Frequently I am at a loss for words. Throughout my entire life, I have wondered who I was, but have never succeeded in answering that question thoroughly. I am basically just some student, who is attempting to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life and in turn have some concept of who I am. If my father was not in the student loan industry, I probably would not be doing this in college, however, because I have been raised to believe that a college education is a necessity, I am here.
I am a May baby, a freshman at ASU, and a Political Science major. I grew up for the first decade of my life in Prescott, Arizona then moved to Gilbert and later to Chandler. I now reside in Ocotillo dorm on South campus. Someday I aspire to become a political writer, and ideally Director of Communications for the President of the United States (yeah, not so much now, politics is a back-stabbing disgusting profession and politicians have sold their souls, how they sleep at night, I will never know).
I live with my best friend since seventh grade, who is actually asleep as I draft this. He too is a political science major, and we are basically twins separated at birth (also not true, we aren’t twins at all, he’s too anal retentive, and I am, in a different way. LOL) I do not believe that we think independently anymore, but rather are a unit that collaborates to work out any problem until the best solution is found.
I have an older sister who just moved to Houston, Texas where I spent my New Years. She has almost completed her Master’s degree in clinical psychology, and moved to Houston to pursue an internship. She traveled to Sri Lanka this past summer to counsel tsunami victims, and whenever I am compared to her I fail miserably (still, very true).
I have a little step-sister, who I have known for the better half of my life. She is sixteen, and I think it is safe to say she is quite an interesting person. She is one of the smartest, most unintelligent people I know, and much like my older sister, when compared to her I also fail miserably.
I have a stepmother and obviously a father, both whom reside in Chandler with my little stepsister.
I do not understand most people and am glad most people do not understand me. I am nineteen, a male with green eyes. I am reading Charles Bukowski’s “The Night Torn Mad With Footsteps” and grow angry that I basically do not have enough time in my life to read all of his books. I also grow angry that I do not smoke (not true anymore), because post reading his books, I feel obligated to enjoy a cigarette. I am also reading Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead,” and am also angry that I do not have enough time to finish this book. I have been reading it for over two years, and am 349 pages into it. It is 694 pages long. It is one of the most amazing books I have ever attempted to read, and my goal is to finish it before I die (still haven’t finished it, some things just never happen, I guess).
Basically, I am confused about life, inspired by life, a writer with no talent, an activist with high expectations, a believer, a comedian, and a rebel. I am often misunderstood, mostly by myself, and am habitually confused, like now.

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