Christmas Spirit Lost by America, and this P.A.C.

I receive emails all the time from various organizations. From far left ones, to far right ones, ones I support and ones I don’t. Recently, I received one from S.T.A.N.D. America P.A.C. Their acronym, when spelled out, means Staying True to America’s National Destiny. It’s a political action committee that supports Christian ideals and laws. Some of the things they want passed I support, others I don’t.
However, the email I just received from them, I must say, I take particular offense to. It states:

Do you believe…Christmas is a MYTH?
December 25th is just a WINTER holiday?
Beautifully decorated fir trees with ornaments are simply HOLIDAYtrees?
Red and Green, the colors of Christmas, are OFFENSIVE?
Atheists and politically-correct Liberals do!
They want to remove Christmas from our culture as part of their ongoing efforts to deny Christianity!

Wow. This email really did offend me. While I have nothing against Christmas, I do take offense to Christmas trees. I do take offense to red and green, and I take offense to saying that politically-correct Liberals do too.
I take offense because Christmas trees and green and red decorations and Christmas-tree ornaments are not even remotely close to what Christmas is about. And the truth of the matter is, STAND should know this, possibly better than most.
Whether you have a tree, lights outside your house, or a sweater with Santa and his reindeer on it, means nothing. What does matter is the spirit, of loving thou neighbor, of caring for thou neighbor, and giving to thou neighbor. Christmas is based on the birth of Jesus, a savor for most Christians. Jesus’ teachings were about love, about turning the other cheek – forgiveness, about giving what you have, even if a little.
This email offended me, because I do take offense to Christmas, when the message and the meaning of Christmas is lost. As it is, in our society. How many people waited outside of WalMart to get specials on Thanksgiving? Time they could have spent with their children was instead spent waiting to buy their child a gift. How many people stomped, fought, and basically acted like animals trying to get a good deal? It’s just material goods. Life is about more than that. 
Christmas is about a great deal more than that.
I don’t need a tree, lights, ornaments, red or green to know the spirit. I knew the spirit the moment I called a friend and asked for help and she was there in minutes and another was upset that I hadn’t called them.
It’s a pity that STAND has lost sight of the spirit, and that they have to point fingers, blame liberals, cause more of a divide in our nation. It’s time to turn the other cheek, as Jesus taught, and so I hope E.W. Jackson, Sr. – the Executive Director of STAND America, has a good Christmas. May God bless you, he’s certainly blessed me. 

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