Young Democrat’s of ASU: Monkey’s bending over for Hitler

At the elections meeting for the Young Democrat’s of ASU, an impromptu “debate” (more like bitch-fest) ensued, alleging that the statements that Scott Hill, who was running for President, was unprofessional in posting a Facebook note that supposedly “attacked” the organization. How could a President be so unprofessional in such an open forum, one person asked.
Now, I have been a Director of an organization or two in my day. In fact, I think, better than most I know about the importance of remaining professional. Not only was I a director of a politically gay organization in a very conservative state, and worked on two very message-specific campaigns, but one of the organizations I represented is known at the National level as the nations largest. I knew my every action, both as a Director and personally were under a microscope. Well, in 2007 there was a great debate over what the National organization I represented did regarding two bills that were brought before Congress. The organization I represented nationally would not denounce one of the bills (and with it the people who supported it) and was the only one within the gay community that wouldn’t. This was a move that upset many members with-in the GLBT community causing protests, denouncing the National organization and so on. While I firmly agreed with the decision that they did at National headquarters and had to stick by them as the Director, I was attacked personally for their actions (and lost some cool friends who I did value a great deal).
While I did agree with that National did, I could and did critique the National organization and frankly our own student organization for those actions. I did so in public domains, on both Facebook, and in a column I did for the State Press. Was it a wise move? No, people were angry I could even think to critique. But I had to do it. As a Director of that organization, and for the community at large, it was what needed to be done. Certainly not popular, but morally and ethically right.
I did what Democrats do. I opened and engaged in a debate on an issue that was important to us – critiqued what had actually happened, what lies were going around, and what could be improved upon so we could truly avoid making such a politically disastrous move in the future. Notable, we haven’t made that same mistake.
The fact was, I was honest, direct, fair, and willing to say what needed to be said. And the response was brutal, but the debate was started, and in the end, good results came about. It took time, it took a hugely risky move, but it did help heal wounds and more importantly, get the fucking ball rolling on a hugely important issue.
Well, Scott Hill’s Facebook note regarding the Young Democrat’s of ASU critiqued, both honestly and brutally, what needed to be critiqued. He started that debate, the open and honest, fair critique of the Young Democrat’s at ASU. Honestly, Scott earned more than just my respect as a candidate when he stood by his comments he had made (something Democrats are shitty at doing by and large). He never once said he was sorry for making these statements and instead of backing down, he gave evidence as to what caused him to say what he said. Scott earned my trust as a person, and respect as a person and he illustrated that he was so far beyond running the organization, because he cared enough to give it some tough love.
The fact that Scott, or frankly anyone should ever, EVER, be attacked, specifically in a liberal organization, for critiquing there own organization offends me. Scott was. I was offended by the entire question that started this bitch-fest to begin with. It happened during a Question and Answer session but was inappropriate, and attacked one candidate.
As a member of the Young Democrats at ASU, as a former Director of a progressive organization at ASU, as a former candidate for office in Maricopa County, and as a bleeding faggot liberal, I had hoped we would hold ourselves to a higher standard.
When Meghan McCain, John McCain’s maverick daughter, made statements about her own party that critiqued the Republicans, she was attacked by her own party. They made fun of her, attacked her breast size, waist, smearing her with no real “meat” except that she’s a young woman, and in the end left her out to dry. I watched it happen by Christine O’Donnell and her insane campaign. But those attacks haven’t stopped Meghan McCain from standing her ground, and stating that if your party can’t take a few punches from their own people, they have no business going up against anyone else.
Miss McCain is right. She hasn’t backed down. Scott didn’t either. I hope he never does.
Scott did what certainly wasn’t popular, by throwing a few punches, but he did it, because it really did need to be done. He did what was right.
The attacks against him, the statements made, the flat out disorder that ensued – was shameful. It’s exactly what Christine O’Donnell did to Meghan McCain. I cannot believe such conduct had to ensue for a role as messily President of the Young Democrat’s of ASU.
I have been disappointed by Democrats before. I have been annoyed by Democrats before. I have been frustrated with Democrats before. But never have I truly been disgusted and ashamed to be a Democrat before.
What sets us apart as Democrats is not our tax code, our love of gays or desire for healthcare, it’s that we do not ever tolerate gagging someone’s first amendment right to free speech. At the election’s meeting for this small organization, that in the end doesn’t really have any true influence over shit, we did just that.
I didn’t see a group of young liberals when I looked around the room during this impromptu bitch-fest instead I saw a group of monkey’s who would bend over for Hitler if he was standing before them. That’s a damn shame.
Scott: keep doing what’s not popular, but what’s right.  

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