AZ Democrats: Ashamed of Being Liberal

Last night in the state of Arizona almost every single Democrat lost. From state-wide elections, national elections, and local elections, the Democrats, who really have never been in power here, were shot down like a bird during hunting season.
The Democrats state-wide can and will say it was a bad year to run as a Democrat.
The Democrats in local elections can and will say it was a bad year to run as a Democrat.
While this is true, it was a bad year nationally and even locally to run as a Democrat, can we honestly say that the Democrats who ran for office really were Democrats?
Almost all of the Democrats running moved further and further to the right, fearful that they would loose. They lost anyway.
For instance, Hulburd, who was running for Congress, flat out said President Obama and his administration shouldn’t have sued Arizona over SB1070, the controversial (though, well liked in Arizona) immigration bill. He sold out the principles of the Democratic party because polls showed SB1070 had voter approval. He turned his back on his base for hope of winning the center. He lost both. Shame on him.
It’s the same with dozens of other so-called Democrats running for office in Arizona. They got nervous and ran to the right of the political spectrum because they didn’t want to appear too liberal and lose, and they lost anyway.
As painful as this reality may be, the Arizona Democrats got exactly what they deserved. In any battle of who is more conservative, the Democrats are going to loose to the Republicans hands down. That’s because Democrats are not Republicans.
There were several factors that played into why these strong, qualified candidates lost. But I firmly believe the main reason is the Democrats simply weren’t being Democrats, they were dressing up as Republicans. I believe this because the mere 9 Democrats elected to the State Senate last night are in fact real Democrats. It’s the same with the 21 Democrats elected to the State House, and the 3 elected to Congress.
Democrats are going to keep loosing in Arizona until they realize that it’s high time to stop playing this moderation game, and start truly representing the party to are running under.
I am not ashamed or afraid of being a liberal, the people I’m voting for shouldn’t be either. 

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