iREADray Election 2010 Guide!

the iREADray Endorsement Guide
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United States Senator

Glassman, Rodney (Dem)
McCain, John (Rep)
Nolan, David F. (Lbt)
Joslyn, Jerry (Grn)
>>>>>>>I have a great deal of respect for McCain, however his actions as of late has illustrated how he has gone “tea party” crazy. Supporting SB1070, for instance, completely switching his political platform, and his firm stand supporting Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, shows he isn’t the man he once was. He’s been in Washington too long, it’s time to retire John McCain. Meanwhile, Glassman has illustrated how he will listen to voters, and be what McCain once was and now isn’t, good for Arizona.

United States Congress
District 1
Ann Kirkpatrick (Dem)
Paul Gosar (Rep)
>>>>>>>Kirkpatrick may be a bit too involved in Washington, she votes more than 85% of the time with Pelosi, but Gosar is “tea-party” crazy and wants to re-write the United States Constitution. Enough said.

District 2
Trent Frank (Rep)
John Thrasher (Dem)
Powell Gammill (Lib)
Vote of No Confidence
>>>>>>>Frank has been a bad Congressman and needs to be spanked. He’s been a part of the problem in Washington, standing in the way of true reform and forcing a weak healthcare bill by representing the Party of No, and not the needs of Arizona. Spank him, vote him out. However, Thrasher is not the right guy either. Him and Gammill have been candidates before and offer nothing new to the ticket. It’s like seeing the same election we’ve already seen before, and is quite boring. Yawn. In this district, I’m sorry, you have no good choice, so I’d just leave that blank, or write-in Mickey Mouse or Pamela Anderson. 

District 3
Ben Quayle (Rep)
Jon Hulburd (Dem)
Michael Shoen (Lib)
>>>>>>>Quayle is “tea-party” crazy, and should be gagged, and not in the good way. Shoen is a lawyer with too much time on his hands, he should probably get a new hobby. Hulburd, though, has a strong sense of what he is getting into, and has worked hard to get his name out there. Though he’s been a candidate before, and would normally get a no vote in my book of shadows, he has a clear plan of how to bring the needs of Arizona to Washington, and has won my respect by talking to people and finding out those needs.

District 4
Ed Pastor (Dem)
Janet Contreras (Rep)
Rebecca DeWitt (Gre)
Joe Cobb (Lib)
>>>>>>>This is an interesting ticket. Sort-of like a shit-show gone crazy. Cast aside Contreras (she’s “tea-party” crazy, and probably a witch — you have her broom?), you have DeWitt and Cobb who have likeable qualities. But the endorsement has to go to Pastor, who, even though he is probably the laziest man out there since he doesn’t go out and get his district to vote (which basically handed the election to Sheriff Joe in 2008), he has continued to bring the needs of Arizona to Washington. He’s the best of the group, but know that this endorsement did not come without consideration of at least for DeWitt or Cobb. Get off your ass Pastor, and stop take less focus on Washington. 

District 5
Harry Mitchell (Dem)
David Schweikert (Rep)
Nick Coons (Lib)
>>>>>>>Mitchell is one of the most conservative Democrats in Washington. He is also a former teacher, who sponsored a bill to not give himself a raise, when Americans aren’t getting raises. Though he voted for the student-loan bill that I do not support, he does support the Employee Non-Discrimination Act and has said he would vote for it again. Meanwhile Coons just has no shot and this is actually an important race. Schweikert is out of damn mind, far beyond “tea-party” crazy, the man should just be committed. He makes Sarah Palin look liberal. 

District 6
Jeff Flake (Rep)
Rebecca Schneider (Dem)
>>>>>>>Flake is like McCain. He used to be not such an awful guy, but he too has gone “tea-party” crazy, probably because he has a crush on Palin. The GOP think tank believes he will be able to replace Kyl in a few years, if not McCain, and though Flake voted for the Employee Non-Discrimination Act in 2007, a stunning move by some, it’s time to just retire him, and put Schneider in office. Schneider has the right vision, is willing to listen to people, and doesn’t care if she pisses people off, as long as the job gets done. She has balls! Electing Schneider would be putting the right kind of Democrat in office, and not a do-nothing liberal. Plus, she bummed me a smoke once, and I appreciate that. 

District 7
Raul Grijalva (Dem)
Ruth McClung (Rep)
George Keane (Lib)
Harley Meyer (Ind)
>>>>>>>The GOP was smart this year, hoping to pick up Grijalva’s seat by nominating McClung. But the reality is, McClung is “tea-party” crazy. Keane has no plan. And Meyer has run before and just wants the job, not to bring change, but to say he’s a Congressman so he can be star-fucked. Grijalva has guts, he’s the only real Democrat in the state who stood up against SB1070, and took a vocal stand. He votes the way his district wants, and represents Southern Arizona’s needs. He’s a good man in my book, and I’m happy to endorse him.

District 8
Gabrielle Giffords (Dem)
Jesse Kelly (Rep)
Steve Stoltz (Lib)
>>>>>>>Giffords has been great for Arizona, and is a smart lady. Those running against her don’t stand a chance, I mean her husband is a rocket scientist, no joke. I happen to like her a great deal. Enough said.

Terry Goddard (Dem)
Jan Brewer (Rep)
Barry Hess (Lib)
Larry Gist (Grn)
>>>>>>>Brewer has destroyed the State of Arizona. Not only is she a complete idiot, she has no right calling herself a leader, when she has done no leading. While she was dug the state into more debt and passed controversial laws to gain publicity, Goddard has taken the laws already in place and worked hard to crack down on the real problems. Goddard has a brain, Brewer doesn’t. Hess and Gist don’t have a shot, and this is an important election for Arizona. Voting for Brewer, Gist or Hess will only be taking a vote from Goddard, the only one who is capable and intelligent enough to do the job. Do not waste this vote. Jan Brewer is a fucking idiot who needs to stop drinking. Goddard is the opposite. Brewer is a lying bitch. Goddard is the man. Simple as that. If you have any other questions, ask yourself, why was Brewer unable to say anything good about herself (instead she was silent for several seconds)?

NOTE: There are far too many candidates for State Representative and State Senate to acknowledge each district’s race. Contact me if you want my thoughts on your particular race, at

Secretary of State
Chris Deschene (Dem)
Ken Bennett (Rep)
>>>>>>>Bennett was appointed by Brewer to replace herself. She’s a fucking idiot and Bennett is no better. Deschene knows what to do, and hopefully will undo some of the bad changes Bennett has made. Vote for Deschene, and not a Brewer wannabe.

Attorney General
Felecia Rotellini (Dem)
Tom Horne (Rep)
>>>>>>>The state of Arizona is now the lowest ranking state in terms of education and the one to blame is Horne. As Superintendent, Horne made the children of Arizona just become less and less educated. Not sure he can even spell the position he’s running for. Rotellini is a smart lady, who has taken on big corporations as a lawyer to hold them accountable for the damage they’ve done to our state during the mortgage crisis. I am excited to vote for her.

State Treasurer
Andrei Cherny (Dem)
Doug Ducey (Rep)
Thane Eichenauer (Lib)
Thomas Meadows (Gre)
>>>>>>>Ducey is uneducated and doesn’t know how to balance a budget, why he wants to be treasurer when he can’t pay his own bills is beyond me. He’s a schmuck. Eichenauer isn’t awful and neither is Meadows, but this race is important and the future economic security of the state is only ensured if Cherny wins. Plus Cherny’s cute.

Superintendent of Public Insturction
Penny Kotterman
John Huppenthal
>>>>>>>Kotterman is a smart woman, who is a former teacher and not a politician, Huppenthal is the anti-Christ of public schools. Kotternman supports schools and wants to fix Arizona, Huppenthal is part of the problem, and voted to cuts to education. Drastic cuts. And he voted to put Proposition 302 on the ballot, which just shows that Kotternman has brains, Huppenthal wishes he had them. 

Corporation Commissioner
David Bradley (Dem)
Jorge Luis Garcia (Dem)
Brenda Burns (Rep)
Gary Pierce (Rep)
Rick Fowlkes (Lib)
Theodore Gomez (Gre)
Benjamin Pearcy (Gre)
>>>>>>>This is a tough decision. Sadly, the best candidate Jorge Luis Garcia passed away. But vote for him anyway. It creates a West Wing “Sam Seaborn” scenario, but whatever. Garcia deserves the vote for the wonderful work he’s done for the state. My other vote went to David Bradley. Bradley has good experience to make him qualified. With that said Burns isn’t the worst alternative if you don’t want to vote for Garcia.

State Mine Inspector
Manuel Cruz (Dem)
Joe Hart (Rep)
>>>>>>>This is basically a toss up. But Manuel Cruz has a good heart, and won my vote because of that.

Maricopa County Attorney
Bill Montgomery (Rep)
Michael Kielsky (Lib)
Vote of No Confidence
>>>>>>>Both these guys are stupid beyond repair, either write in David Lujan, a former State Senator who lost the Democratic primary for Attorney General, or Mickey Mouse. Voting for either of these dumb-asses is like asking for an STD.

Clerk of the Superior Court
Sherry B. Williams (Dem)
Michael K. Jeanes (Rep)
Christopher Rike (Lib)
>>>>>>>Same as the State Mine Inspector race really, but again Williams has a heart, and the other two are like the tin-man.

Proposition 106
>>>>>>>This will only cost the state millions of dollars attempting to defend in court. It says Arizona doesn’t have to follow the requirements in the healthcare bill passed by the federal congress, and creates complication since most insurance companies are not in Arizona.

Proposition 107
>>>>>>>This proposition is offensive and only could come from our incompetent State legislature. Vote this piece of shit down.

Proposition 109
>>>>>>>Also offensive and waste of my and your time even going into. Just note: it too came from our incompetent legislature and takes money from places money shouldn’t be taken from.

Proposition 110
>>>>>>>See above. Stupid shit. Seriously.

Proposition 111
>>>>>>>Also see above. Ha, the State Legislature couldn’t pass a budget, but sent this stupid stuff to you, the voter.

Proposition 112
>>>>>>>This proposition would make it harder for people to run for office and make it harder for people to put things on a ballot, but make it easier for politicians, who have a network of people already in place. It also would make us have two additional months of listening to people bitch about this shit and why we should or shouldn’t vote for them. Only incentive would be to give the Secretary of State more time to fuck up their job. Vote no, keep our politicians on task, and don’t make us have to listen to vote yes/vote no/vote for so-or-so longer than we need to.

Proposition 113
>>>>>>>THIS IS BAD, very BAD. Vote no. It hurt’s Unions, shutting them out of having a voice in anything and weakens our State. Fuck that shit.

Proposition 203
>>>>>>>Unlike California this bill will not create “weed stores” all over the place. Marijuana does have medical purposes and if treated like Oxycontin or Zoloft, as this bill does, we can monitor how it’s dispensed. Additionally it brings in State revenue. Vote yes, and let an important drug get to seniors and terminally ill patients and let us tax it how it needs to be taxed. This is also the only ballot issue that was put on their by the people.

Proposition 301
>>>>>>>This wants to take money from an important place and pay for the State legislature being straight up incapable of passing a balance budget. Reject, and make them do their fucking job already.

Proposition 302
>>>>>>>What an offensive ballot issue. I can’t even consider this. Why take money from kids? That’s what our State legislature wants. Fuck that. Libraries and schools have been working hard to educate kids and prepare them for kindergarten, and while the Superintendent of Education (Horne) has failed, libraries have attempted to make up for it. We passed this in 2006, and it should stay in place.

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