Single Is Okay With Me

To start this entry, I must first give credit where credit is due. Much of what this entire post says, and even the parts quoted are from my dear friend Katylyn Sanders, check out her blog:
Alright, so it has come to my attention I should probably make this clear, to the fucking world, because the world not so smart. At least men in this said world.
I really want to stress this point, so let me say it again: I AM HAPPY BEING SINGLE.
Yes, I do want to get married some day. I want kids. I want a white picket fence and all that. But NOT today.
I got a ton of shit going on in my life, and don’t need anyone getting in my way. If I am going to be in a relationship, and this includes friendships — but right now I’m talking a romance, I am not going to do it half-assed. I don’t have time to be in love with anyone but myself.
And frankly, I am finding myself, learning to love myself, and got my hands full with ME.
My life right now has one focus and that is me. I have focused on everyone else for so long, and run myself into the ground, that I had to — literally — HAD TO focus on me. There’s nothing wrong with that.
As for being single and being gay, I also want to point out this is not saying I’m going to sleep around or “hook-up” — NO THANK YOU. I am gay, not a slut, and they aren’t the same.
I have been in love, and made-love, and after having that, there’s nothing to compare. So, unless I’m in love and in a relationship, there isn’t hook-up being had. Sorry, not my style.
To end this, since I didn’t quote Katylyn in this as I thought I would, let me sign off the amazing way she did.
“Love (and please don’t take this as a declaration of my affections)” -ray

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