Meghan McCain, Reason In An Insane Party

Everyone needs to get the heck off of Meghan McCain’s back.
For starters, if the Republican party has any hope of surviving Sarah Palin and her army of idiots, they truly need to listen to her. Meghan’s basic notion is pretty simple, get as far away from the social issues as possible and start focusing on the basic principles of the party, that of smaller government and lower taxes. Now that’s something even I can understand and more importantly vote for.
Meghan McCain is chip off the old block. While the far right is making fun of her breast size, and the far left is calling her fat, she is calling on her own party to stand up for what they were created and meant to stand up for to begin with. She isn’t afraid of being a maverick, something her father used to do, and something he should get back to.
Truth is, even if John McCain beat tea-party candidate J.D. Hayworth in the Republican party, the tea-party still won. Senator McCain had to go so far right to win, that in the end you couldn’t really tell Hayworth and Senator McCain apart. He is no longer the maverick Arizona knew and loved. I had wanted to vote for him, but couldn’t, not when he is calling for a filibuster to stop the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
Meghan McCain, however, is a maverick. She truly understands and cares for the future of our nation. She realizes that the controversy surrounding Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell affects not only soldiers, but gay teens too. The debate, and the awful things said during that debate regarding this issue, and same-sex marriage, and so on, is heard by gay teens, who are already bullied in school and scared to come out. The outcome is a suicide “epidemic” (Meghan’s word) of gay teens.
So, while Miss McCain is attacked for how big her rack is, I have to ask, got any real attacks for her. Because while she is pointing to her party and saying stop selected idiots and calling on them to do what’s right, the only response is let’s make fun of her boobs.
Are we junior high still? Because the last time I checked, politics was slightly more serious than the laughing shit-fest it’s become. Thank God Meghan gets this.

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