New look, new blog, new me!

Can’t sleep so decided to tackle this beast that I’ve been meaning to tackle for a few days now, even started too, but failed to actually post that piece because I didn’t like it. It took inspiration from a friend’s blog to realize that one of the many reasons I don’t update my blog that often is because my blog hasn’t been fun, it’s been work!

Well, screw that. I want to updated on here more, and for that to happen, it’s got to be fun.

All the other reasons I have failed to updated are forthcoming. Those pieces are impossible to write this early, specifically on this particular day, but it’s coming, promise.

But here are some new rules for the iREADray blogsite:

1. Random stuff will be making it’s way on here.
2. Less political features. I have become less political for my sanity, so it’s only natural.
3. I am considering this an uncensored Facebook and I have become less censored, so expect some craziness.
4. Not everything on here will be words. Some pictures. Some quotes. Some clips. Some videos. Get ready.
5. Have to have five rules because it makes it official, so, uhh, shorter pieces. More updates but less bulk. Read on the fly sort-of thing, because that’s how our society and how I am.

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