Working on Prop. 102

I have been doing a bit of “spring”-cleaning this past week, in sense, trying to get my home in gear for the new semester. I had five boxes in my car in car from the 2008 election. All of those boxes contained literature on the no on proposition 102 campaign, the so-called “marriage amendment” that passed.
I worked on the campaign in ever form. I directed volunteers, wrote letters, responded to interviews, canvassed, called, and really worked my heart out trying to defeat the proposed amendment that we had defeated two years prior.
During the campaign we had a very specific message we wanted to get out, and that was to keep politicians out of marriage and focused on more important issues, such as the economy, immigration reform, healthcare and the environment.
And though the amendment passed, I still think that our politicians should focus on the bigger issues. Instead of debating marriage at the capital, as the Arizona State Legislature did most of last session, they could have focused on the economy.
They could have done things to brace for the impact this recession.
But they didn’t, and now the money, the tax payer money comes from our education system.
I have worked in libraries since I was in high school. Constantly, I help people find material to read; many times it’s for a class, or for the simple act of gaining knowledge. Well because the state legislature was unable to focus on the bigger issues, the State Library and Archives budget was cut my over 80%, and more cuts are to come.
Meanwhile, nothing has been done for immigration reform, healthcare or the environment. But guns are now legal in bars.
The act of working on proposition 102 was so much bigger than what it appeared to be. It wasn’t just about the issues of marriage in this state, one that was already define in state law and court-tested, it was about telling our state legislature that it’s time to get back to work.

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