The Recession is Poop

For quite some time, I thought I was recession proof. As a college student, I know how to live cheaply, and had two stellar jobs.

About a month ago, my best-friend/roommate and I decided to let a friend move into our apartment. This wasn’t an economic move at the time, though, it was a friendly one. She needed a place to live, and we had a place to offer her. It seemed to make sense, too, since often my roommate and her boyfriend would go to bed, and I, being an off-the-market-single, would be up still, with nothing to do, and no one to do it with. Often I would stick in a movie and watch it, or have a cigerette times three, or just go jogging.

Our new roommate, however, has since become a playmate for me. We get to hang out, talk about boys and how they are poop, and politics, which too often is also poop.

Well since we added our new roommate, I’ve been forced to resign one job, and took a small, but notable paycut for another. In addition, I’m being transferred to a different library, as my library system reorganizes itself for survival, and now have an increased gas bill. This combination stinks.

But thank goodness we added that third roommate, when we did. I couldn’t survive, now without it.

I had always thought that knowing how to live cheap would protect me from this recession, but it looks like I not only have to live cheap, I have to live smart as well.

NOTE: My new favorite line is BLANK is poop. Usually “boys are poop” works well, but it works with anything you dislike, just try it. A brillant 3 year old in my last storytime at my library taught me this.

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